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trustworthy business advice, fast.

How does it work?

3 easy, repeatable steps:


1 Ask a question

Ask a question anytime


2 Get first response

Within 10 minutes if you ask during LIVE chat hours, otherwise via email within 24 hours


3 Get final answer

Within ~15 minutes if you ask during LIVE chat hours, otherwise via email in 1, 3 or 5 days depending on the complexity

When is the chat LIVE?

5:00-6:00pm Mondays
10:00-11:00am Wednesdays

London, UK time
excluding UK bank holidays

What kinds of questions can SPARK answer?

SPARK is for business-related questions on topics such as…

Idea testing

How do I know if my idea will work?

Business modelling

How do I build a solid business foundation?

Market research

Who are my competitors and customers?

Regulation & Compliance

How do I legally operate my business?

Budget & Finance

How do know I understand and manage my business money?

Business strategy & Business plans

How do I plan for my business’ future?

Funding options

What options are there for me to fund my business?

Choosing a business structure

What type of business is right for me??


How do I register my business?

Legal advice access

How can I speak to a legal expert about my business?

Branding & Marketing

How can I make my business appeal to customers?

Business operations

How do I plan for my business’ future?

Sales & Promotion

How do I get (more) customers?

Industry regulations

What are the legal requirements for my industry?

…and more!

FAQ: More info about SPARK

What if I have more than one question?

That’s great! If you have multiple questions all at once, you can ask them all in a single chat. However, you may get answers to each at different times depending on their complexity levels.

Is there a limit to how many times I use the chat?

Nope! Please ask as many times as you like.

Who answers my question(s)?

Spark Chatline is run by TERN and leverages the expertise of our team and trained supporter network to answer your questions.

Can I share the chat link with my friends?

This chatline is currently only for members of the TERN community.
However, we will consider opening it up to anyone in the future.

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