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Support entrepreneurs directly

Business Mentor

Take the journey alongside an entrepreneur and support their development from idea to reality.

☑️ join as a 'Business Buddy' in our Pre-Incubator 'Ice Academy' (3 months)
☑️ join as a 'Launch Mentor' in our Incubator 'TakeOff' (5 months)
☑️ Be part of a cohort of mentors
☑️ In the process, grow and develop yourself.

Commitment level: regular - weekly


Offer advice, give feedback or volunteer your expertise directly with entrepreneurs as needed as a TERN Advisor.
☑️ Give advice in our online community
☑️ Book 1-1s with entrepreneurs at the point of need
☑️ Share technical expertise
☑️ Share industry expertise & networks

Create opportunities

TERN Cheerleader

Engage directly with TERN entrepreneurs as an enthusiastic customer, tester and promoter.

☑️ Attend TERN in-person and online event
☑️ Test entrepreneur products & services
☑️ Provide insights and feedback
☑️ Buy from entrepreneurs at our popups
☑️ Buy from entrepreneurs on our online marketplace ANQA
☑️ Promote their products & services in your network
☑️ Amplify entrepreneurs' social media campaigns

Business Champion

Become a Champion TERN and create new opportunities that leverage the resources & capabilities of your company or organisation.

☑️ Fundraise for TERN's programmes
☑️ Crowd-fund for refugee entrepreneurs
☑️ Create shadowing & training opportunities
☑️ Create part-time jobs for entrepreneurs
☑️ Organise events promoting entrepreneurs

Join a Supporter Onboarding Session to learn about TERN, our entrepreneurs and programmes, and the types of supporter roles we offer.

After the Info Session, fill in our Support Application Form to let us know what kind of support role you’re interested in and to join our Supporter Community

If you opted to support entrepreneurs directly, join the Advisor Community online to keep up to date with needs and queries from entrepreneurs.

Opt into direct advice-sharing opportunities or book an interview for mentor roles.

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